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Windshield Ice and Snow Removal Safety Tips

Windshield ice and snow removal guide for winter driving


To remove windshield ice and snow, you must have a mind for safety. The added stress on your windshield from the freezing temperatures can lead to disaster if you are not careful.

Action Auto Glass is here to help you understand the safe methods to remove windshield ice and snow.

What matters most for windshield ice and snow removal?

Time is the most important tool. If you rush the removal, you greatly increase the risk of damage.

During the cold winter months, be aware of overnight weather conditions. Plan to get up early after freezing nights with precipitation.

How can I prevent windshield ice and snow?

The best offense is a good defense. Listen to the local weather report and try to do the following:

  • Park in a garage or covered area.
  • Use window covers or a tarp to cover your car.
  • If your budget is tight, make a windshield cover from paper bags or cardboard, then place the home made covers under the wiper blades.

Any of these steps will reduce the chance of frozen water on your windshield. In other words, you will not have any ice or snow to remove at all!

What if windshield ice and snow removal is required?

  • Before you get into your car, check to make sure no ice or snow is blocking your tailpipe. A blocked tailpipe could cause a build-up of carbon monoxide in your car. Even if you think it won’t take long, take the time to check the tailpipe and prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning in your vehicle.
  • Cold glass is under stress; applying heat too quickly causes more stress. Start your car and set the defrost and the fan to “low” to prevent the windshield from heating up too quickly.
  • Allow at least 5 minutes for the windshield to slowly heat up.
  • Use a plastic ice scraper and a soft brush to clear the ice and snow off of your windshield.
  • If you allow plenty of time for your windshield to warm up, a scraper and brush should be sufficient.
  • Use a left-to-right sweeping motion to remove melted ice snow.
  • Make sure you use the edge of the scraper which is designed to remove ice and snow from glass surfaces. Use of other edges of the scraper could scratch or crack the windshield.
  • Be careful if you find you need to chip ice from the windshield. Excessive force can damage the windshield’s integrity and cause cracks or breaks.
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