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Hydrophobic Auto Glass: Worth the Cost?

Hydrophobic auto glass coating can keep you safe as you drive


For many car owners, keeping their car glass clean can be a hassle and is therefore often neglected. As dirt and other debris builds up on the windshield and windows, it can be a hazard because visibility is diminished.

The price of defending against low visibility is worth it in any area with a lot of rain, dirt roads and busy highways…so, msot of the Pacific Northwest, in other words. A hydrophobic auto glass coating is a smart defense that Action Auto Glass offers at affordable prices, so read on to learn more about this process.

What is hydrophobic auto glass coating?

Very simply, a hydrophobic auto glass coating is a glaze applied to all the glass surfaces of the car that gives those surfaces the ability to clean themselves. It works by forcing water to form together into larger round droplets, which disperse across the window more quickly and wick away dirt and other debris.

Without a special coating, water beads into smaller droplets which can lead to streaking and spotting. If done right, a single application of a hydrophobic auto glass coating can last the lifespan of the vehicle and also help increase its overall value.

Improved safety is why hydrophobic glass is so popular

One of the best advantages of getting a hydrophobic auto glass coating besides less maintenance is safety. Cleaner windows means increased visibility, especially in direct sunlight, which can make dirty windows extremely hard to see through clearly.

Hydrophobic glass will remove 99 percent of the dirt that comes into contact with it, and will also help prevent streaking and blotting. Hydrophobic auto glass also has advantages during inclement weather. During driving rain, the coating will help keep the windshield clear, dramatically improving visibility.

Professional hydrophobic coating is the way to go

While it might be tempting to simply buy some hydrophobic auto glass product and do it yourself, doing the procedure in your driveway cannot compare to letting the professionals handle it. If the glass is not pristine before the procedure, the coating will not have the same effect.

Trained technicians will clean the windows and then carefully apply the coating. Chances are, DIYers may ruin the current glass their car has or simply do a poor job. This could be a serious waste of time and money.

It is much better to have the peace of mind that is guaranteed by letting the experts like those at Action Auto Glass handle this procedure. Our hydrophobic auto glass experts are standing by when you are ready to boost your safety rating!

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