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Mirror repair and replacement helps our customers see themselvesĀ to safety!

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Rear view mirror repair and replacement

It is important to keep your eyes on the road. However, it also helps to see what is coming up from behind. Just like the rest of the glass in your car, it is possible for the mirror hanging from your roof to experience damage.

Cracks or distortions to your rear view mirror are a serious hazard. If you are not able to clearly see behind your car, you might hit another vehicle while parking. If you do not have a rear view mirror at all, you will be left with a lot of blind spots as you drive. This makes it very scary to take any vehicle on to the highway or any busy road.

Action Auto Glass can repair your damaged rear view mirror! We also provide rear view mirror replacement services. We can find the right size and style of rear view mirror for just about any sedan, coupe, pickup, heavy duty truck, bus, van, SUV or even motorcycle.

Side mirror repair and replacement

Drivers make silly mistakes from time to time. You may forget to fold your side view mirrors in before going through a car wash. You might misjudge the distance between your car and a drive through. Some drivers hit other cars with their side view mirrors when they parallel park.

In any driving situation, blind spots pose a risk. Smart use of a side view mirror can help. However, a damaged or missing side view mirror will hinder your ability to drive safely. Cracks or chips to your mirror need to be repaired right away. If the entire mirror comes off, let our technicians know so we can quickly provide side view mirror replacement.


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